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A low cost silo refers to a grain storage facility with lower construction and maintenance expenses. Such silos typically employ simple structural designs and inexpensive materials to minimize construction costs.

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low cost silo Introduction

A low cost silo refers to a grain storage facility with lower construction and maintenance expenses. Such silos typically employ simple structural designs and inexpensive materials to minimize construction costs. While low-cost silos may not feature the complexity of traditional silos, they still offer basic grain storage functionalities and are often suitable for small to medium-scale farmers or areas with limited resources.
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Key characteristics of low-cost silos include

Simple Structural Design

Low-cost silos often utilize straightforward structural designs, such as flat-bottom, cylindrical, or square, to reduce construction expenses.

Inexpensive Materials

To keep costs down, low-cost silos commonly utilize affordable materials like ordinary steel sheets, concrete, or bricks.

Basic Grain Storage Functions

While they may lack some advanced features like automatic unloading or temperature control, low-cost silos still provide essential grain storage functionalities such as moisture and pest resistance.

Suitability for Small to Medium-Scale Farmers

Due to their affordability, low-cost silos are often suitable for small to medium-scale farmers or regions with limited resources, helping them address their grain storage needs.

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Structural design of low-cost silo

Basic Shape

Low-cost silos often have a simple shape, such as cylindrical or rectangular, to minimize construction complexity and material usage.

Material Selection

Inexpensive materials like corrugated steel sheets, concrete blocks, or bricks are commonly used for construction to keep costs low. These materials provide sufficient strength and durability for basic grain storage needs.


Foundations are typically straightforward, with options like concrete pads or shallow footings, depending on the soil conditions and structural requirements.

Roof and Coverings

The roof structure is usually simple, employing materials like corrugated metal sheets or tarpaulins to protect the stored grain from moisture and environmental elements.

Access and Ventilation

Low-cost silos may feature basic access points such as hatches or doors for loading and unloading, as well as ventilation openings to ensure airflow and prevent moisture buildup inside the silo.

Minimal Additional Features

To maintain affordability, low-cost silos often forgo additional features like automated unloading systems, temperature control mechanisms, or sophisticated monitoring equipment commonly found in more expensive silo designs.

Oat Silo Advantages

Advantages of low-cost silo


Perhaps the most significant advantage, low-cost silos are economical to construct and maintain, making them accessible to farmers with limited budgets or resources.

Basic Functionality

Despite their lower cost, low-cost silos still offer essential functionality for grain storage, providing protection against moisture, pests, and other environmental factors that can degrade stored grains.


Low-cost silos can be tailored to meet specific storage needs and preferences, allowing farmers to choose the size, shape, and features that best suit their requirements without incurring excessive costs.

Quick Construction

Simplified structural designs and the use of affordable materials enable faster construction times, allowing farmers to set up storage facilities quickly and efficiently.


Low-cost silos are suitable for various grains and crops, offering versatility in storing different types of agricultural produce.


By lowering the barrier to entry for grain storage facilities, low-cost silos empower small-scale farmers and rural communities to better manage their harvests, reduce post-harvest losses, and improve food security.

Community Impact

Investing in low-cost silos can have broader positive effects on local economies and communities by supporting agricultural productivity, income generation, and food preservation efforts.

Application scope of low cost silo

Coban steel silo is widely used for grain storage such as wheatcornsoybeanpaddyricesoybean mealbarleymaltsunflower seedsrapeseedpeanutsflour, and other powder materials, oat, special Silo, and seeds, etc. Steel silo products include 100 ton300 ton500 ton1000 ton2000 ton3000 ton, 5000 ton and 10000 ton steel silo as well as metal silospiral silo and galvanized silo.

low cost silo technical parameters

Scientifically speaking, the Silo capacity should be measured with volume (m3). Even in the same grain Silo, the storage tons will be different for different grains with different densities. The following table is calculated based on a  Silo density of 0.75kg/m3, and surely HKB customizes  Silo systems unique for you.

Most Popular Hopper Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 50Ton 100Ton 150Ton 200Ton 300Ton 500Ton 1000Ton 1500Ton
Model TCZK 
















Diameter(m) 3.667 4.584 5.500 6.417 7.334 7.334 11.000 12.834
Total Height(m) 9.56 12.53 13.25 12.85 14.70 21.42 20.95 23.51


69 150 222 273 415 699 1346 2039
Most Popular Flat Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 1000Ton 1500Ton 2000Ton 2500Ton 3000Ton 5000Ton 8000Ton 10000Ton
Model TCK 
















Diameter(m) 10.084 11.918 13.750 15.584 15.584 18.334 24.751 25.668
Total Height(m) 18.69 20.34 20.87 20.30 24.78 28.60 26.99 30.60

Density: 0.75ton/m³

1335 2009 2701 2467 4145 6693 10879 13484

After-sale Service

  • – HKB provides advanced grain safety storage technology to assure your grain silo 100% quality stability.
  • grain silo Quality guarantee is one year after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving China Port. Maturity is the first.
  • – 7 days x 24 hours service, within 24 hours reply/solve of any technical issues upon request.
  • – Routinely telephone track to remove all might be problems grain silo or issues guarantying the whole system grain silo long-lasting safety and reliability.
  • – HKB will consider all other needs like customs clearance, sea delivery, insurance, customs tax benefit plan, documentation, etc. So our respected Users feel so relaxed and easy to get the grain silo system well.
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