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A galvanized silo is a type of silo structure that has undergone galvanization. Galvanization is a process of applying a layer of zinc to the surface of metal to enhance corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

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galvanized silo Introduction

A galvanized silo is a type of silo structure that has undergone galvanization. Galvanization is a process of applying a layer of zinc to the surface of metal to enhance corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Galvanizing silos effectively prevents damage to the metal surface due to oxidation or corrosion, thereby extending their lifespan. Galvanized silos are commonly used to store various items such as grains, seeds, chemicals, raw materials, etc., to ensure the quality and safety of stored items. This type of silo is widely utilized in agricultural, industrial, and commercial sectors.

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Features of galvanized silo

Strong Corrosion Resistance

Galvanized silo have excellent corrosion resistance, effectively resisting the corrosion from atmospheric, water, and soil factors, thus prolonging their service life.

High Wear Resistance

The galvanized coating increases the surface hardness and wear resistance of the silo, reducing wear caused by friction and improving durability.

Easy Maintenance

The smooth surface of galvanized silos makes them easy to clean and less prone to accumulate dirt and dust, resulting in relatively easy maintenance.

Aesthetic and Durable

Galvanization provides the silo with a metallic luster and uniform appearance, making it resistant to rust and aesthetically pleasing.

Wide Applicability

Galvanized silos are suitable for storage needs in various environmental conditions, including grains, seeds, chemicals, raw materials, etc.

Environmental Friendliness

The zinc coating used in galvanization is environmentally friendly and complies with environmental regulations, posing no harm to the stored materials.


Despite the higher initial investment of galvanized silos, their durability and long-term performance result in higher cost-effectiveness.

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Galvanized Silo Structure

Main Body Structure

The main body structure consists of the silo’s wall panels, bottom panel, and top panel, forming the overall framework of the silo.

Supporting System

The supporting system includes pillars, beams, and connectors, which support and stabilize the main body structure of the silo.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system comprises ventilation openings, ducts, and ventilation equipment to maintain airflow within the silo, preventing stored items from molding or spoiling.

Sealing System

The sealing system consists of doors, windows, sealing gaskets, and other components to ensure the silo’s sealing performance, preventing external moisture and harmful substances from entering the silo.

Discharge Equipment

Discharge equipment facilitates the convenient removal of stored items from the silo and typically includes discharge ports, conveyors, and discharge valves.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment includes fire prevention devices, emergency stop devices, etc., ensuring safety during the use of the silo.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories such as ladders, platforms, lighting equipment, etc., are included to facilitate the management and maintenance of the silo.

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Advantages of galvanized silo

Excellent Anti-corrosion Performance

The galvanized layer forms a dense protective coating on the surface of the silo steel, effectively resisting corrosion caused by environmental factors such as atmosphere, rainwater, and soil, significantly extending the service life of the silo. Especially in harsh environments such as humidity and salt spray, the anti-corrosion effect of galvanized silos is particularly significant.

Low Maintenance Cost

Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of the galvanized layer, the silo is less prone to rust during use, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and painting work due to rust, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Aesthetic Appearance

The surface of the galvanized layer is smooth and uniform in color, with a good visual effect, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the silo and facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of the silo’s appearance.

Environmental Friendliness

The galvanizing process uses non-toxic and harmless zinc metal as a protective layer, which is environmentally friendly. The long lifespan of galvanized silos reduces resource consumption and waste generation throughout their lifecycle due to replacement or repair.

Strong Durability

The high hardness of the galvanized layer makes it resistant to wear and scratching, effectively resisting minor collisions and abrasions that may occur during loading and unloading, keeping the surface of the silo intact.

Strong Adaptability

Galvanized silo are suitable for various climate conditions and regions, maintaining good corrosion resistance and structural stability whether in high temperature, low temperature, humid, dry, saline-alkali, or other environments.

Significant Economic Benefits

Although the initial investment in galvanized silo may be slightly higher than non-galvanized ones, their excellent corrosion resistance and lower maintenance costs result in a higher cost-effectiveness in long-term use, bringing better economic benefits to users.

Application scope of galvanized silo

Coban  Silo is widely used for grain storage such as wheat, corn, soybean, paddy, rice, soybean meal, barley, malt, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, flour, and other powder materials, oat, special Silo, and seeds, etc.

galvanized silo technical parameters

Scientifically speaking, the Silo capacity should be measured with volume (m3). Even in the same grain Silo, the storage tons will be different for different grains with different densities. The following table is calculated based on a  Silo density of 0.75kg/m3, and surely HKB customizes  Silo systems unique for you.

Most Popular Hopper Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 50Ton 100Ton 150Ton 200Ton 300Ton 500Ton 1000Ton 1500Ton
Model TCZK
















Diameter(m) 3.667 4.584 5.500 6.417 7.334 7.334 11.000 12.834
Total Height(m) 9.56 12.53 13.25 12.85 14.70 21.42 20.95 23.51


69 150 222 273 415 699 1346 2039
Most Popular Flat Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 1000Ton 1500Ton 2000Ton 2500Ton 3000Ton 5000Ton 8000Ton 10000Ton
Model TCK
















Diameter(m) 10.084 11.918 13.750 15.584 15.584 18.334 24.751 25.668
Total Height(m) 18.69 20.34 20.87 20.30 24.78 28.60 26.99 30.60

Density: 0.75ton/m³

1335 2009 2701 2467 4145 6693 10879 13484

After-sale Service

  • – HKB provides advanced grain safety storage technology to assure your grain silo 100% quality stability.
  • grain silo Quality guarantee is one year after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving China Port. Maturity is the first.
  • – 7 days x 24 hours service, within 24 hours reply/solve of any technical issues upon request.
  • – Routinely telephone track to remove all might be problems grain silo or issues guarantying the whole system grain silo long-lasting safety and reliability.
  • – HKB will consider all other needs like customs clearance, sea delivery, insurance, customs tax benefit plan, documentation, etc. So our respected Users feel so relaxed and easy to get the grain silo system well.
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