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What is the feature of sunflower seed silo

Sunflower seed silos feature large storage capacities, diverse structures, multi-material storage versatility, and high-quality construction for durability. They also include an automatic temperature measurement system for precise control, ensuring efficient and reliable seed storage solutions. For storage needs, contact Coban.

Sunflower seed silo, designed specifically for storing sunflower seeds, have a series of notable features that make them an ideal choice for efficient storage.

Large Unit Storage Area

One feature of sunflower seed silo is their large unit storage area. Taking a 1000-ton cone-bottom silo as an example, with a diameter of 10.08 meters, it covers about 79.76 square meters. This design allows sunflower seed silos to store a large quantity of seeds on a relatively small land area, improving space utilization.

The conical bottom structure of sunflower seed silos aids in the smooth flow of seeds. This efficient use of space not only reduces storage costs but is also an ideal choice for efficient storage.

feature of sunflower seed silo                                            feature of sunflower seed silo

Diverse Structures

A feature of sunflower seed silo is the availability of two types of structures. They are flat-bottom and cone-bottom, designed to meet different weight storage needs. Flat-bottom silos are ideal for large-scale storage due to their spaciousness. Cone-bottom silos, with their conical design, promote seed flow. They are suitable for medium and small-scale storage.

Cone-bottom silos have a conical bottom design that actively promotes natural seed flow. This design makes the discharge process smoother and reduces congestion issues during storage. The feature is particularly crucial for sunflower seed storage below 1000 tons.

For sunflower seed storage above 1000 tons, flat-bottom silos offer a larger storage capacity. Their flat bottom structure allows for higher space utilization while ensuring storage stability and safety.

Rich Storage Materials

One of the feature of sunflower seed silo is their ability to store a variety of seed materials, including sunflower seeds and rapeseed. This diverse storage capability brings convenience to farms and grain processing enterprises.

In addition to seed materials, sunflower seed silos can also store various grains such as rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, and soybeans, allowing the silo to flexibly meet storage needs across different seasons and crop harvests.

High Quality

A feature of sunflower seed silo is their construction from high-quality galvanized steel, which is not only high-strength but also corrosion-resistant. This ensures the structural stability and durability of the silo.

Bolted connections are used at joints, ensuring structural rigidity and facilitating future maintenance and disassembly, further extending the service life of the sunflower seed silo.

Thanks to the high-quality materials and reliable connection methods, the service life of sunflower seed silos can reach 25-30 years. A one-time investment brings long-term storage capabilities.

feature of sunflower seed silo                                          feature of sunflower seed silo

Automatic Temperature Measurement

Sunflower seed silos also feature an advanced automatic temperature measurement system, providing precise temperature control and monitoring for seed storage.

The temperature regulator paired with the silo can automatically adjust according to a preset temperature range, maintaining a stable temperature inside the silo. This intelligent control reduces reliance on manual adjustments and improves the efficiency of temperature management.

Built-in temperature sensors monitor temperature changes inside the silo in real-time, and this data is crucial for understanding the storage conditions of sunflower seeds. The high-precision measurement of the sensors ensures the accuracy of temperature data.

By connecting temperature sensors to a computer system, sunflower seed silos achieve real-time temperature monitoring. This real-time monitoring system allows managers to be aware of the temperature conditions inside the silo at any time and make timely adjustments.

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