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What is the operation process of a galvanized silo

Galvanized silos, with their reinforced structure and corrosion-resistant materials, provide efficient grain storage and handling. They offer automated processes for cleaning, drying, and storage, along with advanced monitoring and treatment functions for grain quality preservation. Coban ensures comprehensive solutions for grain storage needs.

As a crucial facility for modern grain storage, galvanized silo are the industry’s preferred choice for their excellent material properties. This article mainly discusses the operation process of this silo.

Structural design of galvanized silo

Galvanized silo have unique features different from traditional silos:

Design characteristics of  silo

Galvanized silo are designed with internal and external reinforcement to ensure structural stability and durability. The silo body uses high-quality corrugated galvanized steel plates, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a long service life.

galvanized silo                                           galvanized silo

Internal and external column reinforcement

The silo structure features internal and external column reinforcements. These designs provide structural support and enhance overall stability. Internal columns mainly support the internal structure, while external columns further strengthen the silo’s external framework.

Selected connection materials

To ensure stable silo connections, we use galvanized screws as fasteners. These materials have excellent corrosion resistance and are easy to install and disassemble. At the connections, we use aviation-grade sealant to ensure excellent sealing performance at every connection point, effectively preventing any potential leaks.

How to store grain in a galvanized silo

Firstly, grain is transported to the silo site by dedicated vehicles. An automated process is used for weighing, sampling, and quality inspection of the grain to ensure it meets standards. Then, the grain is guided to the unloading area for unloading.

Grain cleaning and pre-treatment

After unloading, the grain is transferred to cleaning and sieving equipment via a hoist. These devices remove impurities from the grain and use methods like air and magnetic separation to ensure the purity of the grain meets relevant standards.

galvanized silo                                    galvanized silo

Storage characteristics of  silo

After cleaning, the grain is sent into galvanized silo with a design capacity ranging from 100 tons to 5000 tons. For grains with high moisture, a pre-drying treatment using a drying machine can be chosen. The pre-dried grain is then loaded into the silo via a hoist. The silo is equipped with advanced ventilation and temperature control systems to ensure air circulation and stable temperature inside the storage environment, enabling safe long-term storage of grain.

Discharge and distribution system

This silo are equipped with an efficient discharge system that can quickly and accurately transport grain to processing, loading, or packaging areas to meet various processing and distribution needs.

What additional functions do galvanized silo have?

Do you think galvanized silo can only store grain? No, no, no, they have many intelligent additional functions:

Grain condition monitoring

Real-time monitoring systems, temperature displays, and smart ventilation technology use the heat exchange between natural air and materials to reduce temperature and humidity, ensuring the safety and quality of the grain.

Special grain treatment

For temperature-sensitive grains, grain cooling technology can be used, with cold air generated by a grain cooler to maintain a suitable storage temperature.


Airtight storage technology

For grains requiring special treatment, highly airtight silos can use fumigation and air circulation technology to evenly distribute phosphine gas in the grain pile for effective pest control.

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