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What can a 100-ton silo be used for

A 100-ton silo is versatile for storing cereal crops, animal feed, and legumes, with customizable designs for various applications. Coban silos stand out for their direct sales, personalized services, and excellent after-sales support, ensuring efficient and reliable storage solutions.

Though small in scale, 100-ton silo offer flexibility and adaptability, making them ideal for small farms or specific applications. They can be customized for storage needs, whether for short-term or long-term keeping.

What can be stored in a 100-ton silo

Despite its relatively small size, a 100-ton silo shows great flexibility and practicality in storage applications. Here are the types of materials a  silo can store:

Storage of cereal crops

100-ton silo can store various cereal crops, such as wheat, corn, sorghum, barley, and rice. Drying and ventilation conditions must be considered to maintain the quality and freshness of these crops.

Dedicated storage for animal feed

Due to their moderate capacity, 100-ton silo are often used as dedicated storage facilities for animal feed. They can store various types of feed, including but not limited to pelleted feed, protein feed, and energy feed.

100-ton silo                                           100-ton silo

Storage of legumes and oil crops

In addition to major cereal crops, silos are also suitable for storing legumes like soybeans, oats, and peanuts. Moreover, rapeseed and other oil crops can be properly stored in these silos.

How big is a 100-ton silo

Understanding the size of a 100-ton silo is crucial for assessing its storage capacity and suitability. Here are detailed dimensions and capacity information:

Silo type and dimensions

100-ton silo typically feature a conical bottom design, which aids in material flow and automatic discharge. This design is more common in small silos, as they usually do not require the large capacity of larger silos.

Example of specific dimensions

Taking a typical cone-bottom steel silo with a 45-degree discharge opening as an example, its diameter is about 4.584 meters, with 7 layers, and the entire silo can reach a height of 12.53 meters. This size design aims to maximize storage efficiency while maintaining structural stability.

Capacity and discharge efficiency

Although labeled as a 100-ton silo, they can actually accommodate slightly more than the nominal capacity. For instance, the silo of the aforementioned size can hold up to 112 tons of material, providing extra storage space to cope with changes in material volume or unexpected storage needs.

100-ton silo                                            100-ton silo

Design considerations

When designing a 100-ton silo, besides considering size and capacity, the flowability of the material, the silo’s discharge efficiency, and the overall structural stability must also be considered. The angle of the cone bottom, the height, and diameter of the silo are carefully calculated to ensure that materials can be stored and discharged under optimal conditions.

Why choose Coban’s silos

Among many silo suppliers, Coban has become the preferred choice for many customers due to its unique services and product advantages. Here are three reasons to choose Coban silos:

Manufacturer direct sales model

Coban adopts a manufacturer direct sales model, which means customers can contact us, the manufacturers directly, eliminating intermediary steps and thus obtaining high-quality silos at lower prices. The direct sales model not only brings price advantages but, more importantly, ensures that customers can get the most direct and accurate product information and technical support.

Personalized customization services

Coban offers not only standardized silo products but also personalized customization services based on customer needs. Whether it’s the size, capacity, or specific functional requirements of a 100-ton silo, Coban can provide tailored solutions to ensure that each silo perfectly adapts to the customer’s specific application scenarios.

Excellent after-sales service

Coban’s commitment to customers extends beyond the sales process to after-sales service. Our gold-standard after-sales service includes but is not limited to product installation guidance, usage training, regular maintenance checks, and rapid response to troubleshooting support.

We support not only the storage of 100 tons of materials, but we also produce silos ranging from 100 to 10,000 tons. If you have grain storage needs, please contact us!

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