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What are the functions of hopper bottomed silo?

Hopper bottomed silos are versatile for storing granular materials like grains and pellets, with features that ensure smooth flow and automatic unloading. They offer functions such as grain storage, cleaning, lifting systems, and ventilation with temperature monitoring for optimal material protection and quality maintenance.

Hopper bottomed silo have a wide range of applications in grain storage. This article aims to explore the various functions of hopper bottomed silo.

What can silo store?

Hopper bottomed silo serve as versatile storage facilities, primarily used for storing various granular materials including, but not limited to, grains (such as corn, wheat, soybeans), feed pellets, and plastic pellets. Benefiting from the design of the silo, these materials can smoothly and automatically flow out under gravity, facilitating collection and transportation.

Structural Characteristics of  silo

silo, typically consisting of top, body, and hopper bottom parts, exhibit unique structural features.

Unique design of the bottom section

These silos feature a conical bottom design, constructed from galvanized corrugated steel plates. The conical bottom facilitates easy unloading of stored products under the influence of gravity. The corrugated design of the silo wall ensures smooth inner surfaces without protrusions, allowing stored materials to flow out smoothly.

hopper bottomed silo                                             hopper bottomed silo

Robust and well-engineered structure

The silo walls and support structures of hopper bottomed silo are meticulously crafted from hot-dip galvanized corrugated steel plates, ensuring high corrosion resistance and durability. The conical bottoms of the silos are manufactured according to standard designs, with the cone angle determined by the type of stored materials. Generally, free-flowing granular materials such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and feed pellets are suited to a 45° cone bottom, while powders or other less flowable materials are suited to a 60° cone bottom. This structural design ensures the stability and reliability of  silo, providing effective protection for material storage and retrieval.

Functions of Hopper bottomed silo

Hopper bottomed silo play a crucial role in grain storage. The following are the main functions of  silo:

Grain storage

silo are particularly suitable for storing various crops such as wheat, corn, and soybeans. They effectively protect grains from external environmental factors such as humidity, pests, and microorganisms, ensuring grain quality and safety.

Grain cleaning function

Before grains enter storage,  silo are equipped with a cleaning function. Silos equipped with cleaning screens can remove impurities before grains enter storage. This pre-cleaning step effectively improves grain quality and prevents impurities from entering the silo.

Lifting system

To facilitate loading and unloading of grains, hopper bottomed silo are usually equipped with a lifting system. This system smoothly lifts grains into the silo, improving operational efficiency.

hopper bottomed silo                                      hopper bottomed silo

Ventilation and temperature monitoring system

To ensure the quality of stored grains, silo are equipped with ventilation and temperature monitoring systems. The ventilation system maintains airflow inside the silo, reducing the possibility of moisture and mold accumulation during grain storage. The temperature monitoring system timely detects temperature changes in grains, ensuring they are stored under suitable conditions, effectively preventing grain spoilage and maintaining grain quality.

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