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What are the advantages of peanut cone bottom silo?

Peanut cone bottom silos offer diverse material options, standardized components, and optimized flow design for efficient, adaptable storage. They integrate advanced systems for cleaning, dust removal, automation, and environmental control, ensuring high-quality peanut storage and management.

The use of peanut cone bottom silo is growing widespread. Currently, it is also the most convenient and worry-free way to store peanuts. This article will introduce some insights into using cone bottom silos for peanut storage.

Product Performance Features of Peanut cone bottom silo

As a professional storage solution, peanut cone bottom silo possess a range of excellent product performance characteristics, suitable for long-term storage of peanuts and other oil-bearing crops.

Diversity in Material Selection

Silo construction materials can be hot-dip galvanized coil or flat sheets, or electro-galvanized sheets. This diversity provides great convenience in material selection. Different galvanizing methods have distinct features, allowing choices based on specific storage needs and budgets.

Standardization and Replaceability of Components

All silo components are manufactured to standard specifications, offering high versatility and replaceability. If components become damaged or corroded during use, users can easily replace them, effectively extending the silo’s service life.

peanut cone bottom silo                                        peanut cone bottom silo

Flexibility and Adaptability

The design of peanut cone bottom silo allows for modification and dismantling, ideal for users on leased land. This flexibility enables rapid adjustments to site changes or storage requirements, greatly enhancing adaptability.

Optimized Internal Flow Design

The design incorporating external support columns enhances the flow of peanuts inside the silo, ensuring smoother loading and unloading and minimizing time and cost losses due to material congestion.

Advanced Supporting Systems of Peanut cone bottom silo

Peanut cone bottom silo not only have the capability to store peanuts efficiently in their structure but also integrate a series of intelligent accessories to achieve precise control and automated management of the storage environment.

Grain Cleaning System

To ensure peanut quality, silos are equipped with cleaning screens. These screens effectively remove impurities and substandard particles from peanuts, enhancing the overall quality of stored peanuts.

Dust Removal Device

Dust removal devices play a crucial role during the loading, unloading, and storage of peanuts. They reduce airborne dust levels, protecting the environment and the health of operators.

Elevating and Conveying System

The elevating system and conveying equipment work in tandem to ensure peanuts are quickly and efficiently transported from the ground to the silo. This process’s automation reduces the need for manual handling, increasing operational efficiency.


Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring systems track changes within the silo in real-time, essential for maintaining peanut quality. By automatically adjusting ventilation and heating systems, they maintain the optimal storage environment.

Ventilation System

The ventilation system controls air circulation within the silo, regulating peanut temperature and humidity, preventing spoilage and mold.

Level Monitoring System

Level monitoring systems accurately measure the quantity of peanuts in storage, providing data support for inventory management and ensuring reasonable inventory levels.

Fumigation and Venting System

The fumigation system disinfects the silo when necessary, while the venting system helps expel harmful gases after fumigation, ensuring the safety of the internal silo environment.

The integration of these intelligent accessories enables peanut cone bottom silo to achieve a high degree of automation and intelligence in functionality, significantly enhancing the efficiency and safety of peanut storage. If you have storage needs for peanuts or other grains, please contact Coban!

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