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China 3 sets100 ton corn cone bottom silo

Project country:China
Store materials:corn cone bottom silo
Silo capacity:100 ton
Installation: guide the installation on site

Project Background

In an agricultural modernization demonstration zone in Jiangxi Province, China, three large farms jointly invested in 3 sets of 200-ton corn cone bottom silo to meet the needs of local agricultural development. These silos are designed to improve the storage efficiency and quality of corn while reducing operational costs.

Facility Features

The 200-ton corn cone bottom silos feature a conical bottom design, which facilitates easier management and discharge of corn during storage. Compared to traditional flat-bottom silos, the conical bottom design reduces residue and enhances storage flexibility.

Installation Process

The installation team meticulously planned the entire process to ensure that every step complied with safety and quality standards for agricultural facilities. From foundation construction to the assembly of the silo structures, the process proceeded in an orderly and efficient manner. Subsequently, the installation of automated control systems was completed seamlessly.

Technical Support

To ensure farm staff proficiency with newly installed silos, the supplier provided comprehensive technical support and training. This included knowledge on equipment maintenance and troubleshooting techniques for emergency situations.

Successful Application

After the installation, the 3 sets of 200-ton corn cone bottom silos were immediately put into operation. These silos improved corn storage capacity and earned farm owners’ high praise for efficient unloading systems.


By introducing 3 sets of 200-ton corn cone bottom silo, the three farms in Jiangxi Province have significantly improved the efficiency and management of corn storage. This case demonstrates how modern agricultural facilities can contribute to enhancing agricultural productivity and economic benefits.

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