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China 10 Sets 10000 Ton corn Silo

Project country:China
Store materials:Corn Silo
Silo capacity:10000 ton
Installation: guide the installation on site

Project Overview

In an agricultural hub in Northeast China, a leading grain processing company decided to expand its storage capacity by investing in the construction of 10 sets of 10000 ton corn silo. This decision aimed to meet the growing demand for corn storage and enhance overall logistics efficiency.

Installation Challenge

Faced with the large-scale installation task of 10 sets of 10000 ton corn silo, the company encountered challenges including logistics coordination, on-site construction management, and ensuring the quality of the installation.

On-Site Installation Guidance

To ensure the smooth progress of the installation work, the company hired a team of experienced engineering technicians to provide comprehensive on-site guidance. The team supervised the construction schedule, ensuring compliance with design specifications and safety standards for all activities.

Implementation of Installation

During installation, the engineering team closely collaborated with the company’s staff, providing precise guidance on foundation and silo structure construction. They also provided expertise on automated control system integration. This ensured seamless coordination throughout the project.This collaborative approach ensured accuracy and efficiency in each phase. This collaborative effort ensured accuracy and efficiency at every stage. They also ensured the correct commissioning and optimized operation of all equipment.

Successful Delivery

After several weeks of intensive construction, the 10 sets of 10000 ton corn silo were successfully installed and put into use. The commissioning of these silos greatly enhanced the company’s storage capacity and improved operational efficiency and grain safety.


Through meticulous planning and expert on-site guidance, the installation of the 10 sets of 10,000-ton corn silos was completed punctually and met the expected quality standards. This underscores the importance of both planning and hands-on supervision in project success. This case highlights the crucial role of expert on-site guidance in ensuring smooth progress for large agricultural facility installations.

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