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5 Sets 10,000 ton corn grain silo

Project country:China
Store materials:corn Grain Silo
Silo capacity:10000 Ton corn Grain Silo
Installation: guide the installation on site

Project Overview

In China, to meet the large-scale storage needs of corn, a leading agribusiness has implemented an innovative storage solution. This includes the construction of five 10,000 ton corn silo and one tower-type grain drying machine to enhance the efficiency and quality of grain storage.

Installation and Technical Guidance

During the installation process, a team of experts provided on-site guidance to ensure that each 10000 ton corn silo was constructed strictly according to design specifications. The installation of the tower-type grain drying machine also focused on detail to ensure its efficient operation.

10000 ton corn silo

Technological Innovation

These 10000 ton corn silo feature the latest anti-corrosion and moisture-proof technologies, ensuring the quality of the corn during storage. Meanwhile, the introduction of the tower drying machine significantly improved the drying efficiency of corn and reduced losses due to moisture.

Economic Benefits

With these advanced storage facilities, the company has enhanced its corn storage capacity. Additionally, it has extended the sales period, thereby achieving higher economic benefits.


This project showcases China’s innovation and progress in agricultural storage technology. The combination of 10000 ton corn silo and tower-type grain drying machines provides an efficient and reliable solution for large-scale grain storage, contributing to the modernization of agriculture and the safeguarding of national food security.

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