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What are the functions of rapeseed silo

Rapeseed silos ensure storage quality through precise environmental controls, automated conveying, and ventilation systems. They maintain freshness, provide efficient transfer to processing equipment, and utilize intelligent controls for optimal storage conditions. For agricultural storage solutions, contact Coban.

The rapeseed silo function is crucial in the storage and management of agricultural products. Compared to other storage facilities, rapeseed silos provide not only basic storage space but also integrate multiple design features to ensure the excellent quality of rapeseed during storage.

Storage and Preservation

The rapeseed silo function offers basic storage space and various design features to protect the quality of rapeseed during storage. It is suitable for both short-term storage and long-term preservation. The silo’s flexible design allows for quick access to meet market demands while maintaining the freshness and quality of rapeseed in the short term.

By precisely controlling parameters like temperature and humidity, rapeseed silos provide lasting protection, preventing quality degradation. Even during long-term storage, the flavor and aroma of rapeseed are preserved.

rapeseed silo function                                          rapeseed silo function

Maintaining Rapeseed Quality

The rapeseed silo function is indispensable in maintaining the quality of rapeseed. With sealed design and dehumidification technology, silos effectively prevent moisture intrusion, avoiding mold and flavor loss due to absorption.

These designs and operations ensure the freshness and flavor of rapeseed throughout the storage period.

Conveying Rapeseed

The rapeseed silo function also includes automated conveying, equipped with advanced equipment like elevators and screw conveyors. This enables seamless transfer from silo to processing equipment, reducing manual handling and improving production efficiency.

Additionally, rapeseed silos can precisely control the conveying volume. Adjusting the speed and frequency of conveying equipment allows for the adjustment of rapeseed conveying volume according to production needs, ensuring smooth operation of the production line.

Ventilation Function

The ventilation function of rapeseed silos is vital. The central radial ventilation system effectively delivers air to the silo’s center, addressing potential heating and insufficient ventilation issues, ensuring uniform ventilation throughout the silo. The principle of grain pile resistance balance is used to optimize ventilation effects by adjusting the layout and force of ventilation pipes, promoting air movement and improving ventilation efficiency.

rapeseed silo function                                          rapeseed silo function

Temperature Monitoring

The rapeseed silo function also includes an automatic temperature monitoring system. Built-in temperature sensors monitor internal temperatures in real-time, preventing quality degradation from overheating. Manual temperature measurement options are also available, providing a basic understanding of silo temperatures at a lower cost.

Circulation Fumigation

Function Rapeseed silos also feature circulation fumigation.Relying on a multi-parameter dual-mode fan for material circulation fumigation. By adjusting air speed and volume, it meets various fumigation needs. The central circulation pipeline transports phosphine gas from the fan to the bottom trough, ensuring uniform gas flow throughout the silo for comprehensive fumigation.

Intelligent Control

The rapeseed silo function includes intelligent control.Relying on a high-precision sensor network to monitor and record key parameters like temperature and humidity in real-time, providing data support for subsequent automated control. The application of intelligent control systems greatly improves the efficiency and production level of the silo, providing a reliable guarantee for agricultural production.

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