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What are the advantages of rice cone bottom silo?

Rice cone bottom silos offer versatile storage solutions with high-strength galvanized steel construction, ensuring long-term stability and corrosion resistance. They provide economic benefits, enhanced durability, and improved safety for storing a variety of materials, including rice, wood chips, and feed pellets.

Rice cone bottom silo is not only for rice storage but also widely used for storing grains, wood chips, and granular materials, as well as feed pellets for animals, poultry, and fish requiring specific storage conditions. This article introduces some insights into  cone bottom silo.

Construction Material of  Cone Bottom Silo

The construction material of rice cone bottom silo is crucial for its long-term stability and protective performance. The following are the main materials and their characteristics:

Galvanized Steel Material

High-strength galvanized steel is primarily used in constructing rice cone bottom silo. This type of steel exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, safeguarding the silo from environmental degradation. Typically, low-profile corrugated steel plates of 80mm × 14mm are utilized, offering not only high strength but also good load-bearing capacity.

Thickness of Galvanized Coating

To enhance durability, the steel plates are usually galvanized with a thickness of 275g/m². Such a galvanized coating thickness is sufficient to withstand most adverse weather conditions, prolonging the silo’s lifespan.

Adherence to Product Standards

During the design and manufacturing process, rice cone bottom silo strictly adhere to the national standard GB50322-2001. This standard encompasses aspects like design, manufacturing, installation, and inspection, ensuring the quality and safety of the silos.

rice cone bottom silo                                    rice cone bottom silo


Selection of Fasteners

Bolts and screws of the silo also undergo hot-dip galvanizing to enhance corrosion resistance. These fasteners feature hexagonal flanges, providing maximum sealing performance to ensure the silo’s tightness and moisture resistance.


Due to the adoption of high-quality materials and stringent production standards, the lifespan of rice cone bottom silo can extend up to 25 to 30 years. This implies that under normal usage and maintenance conditions, the silo can consistently provide storage space for rice over the long term.

Benefits of Using Galvanized Materials in Construction

Galvanized materials find extensive applications in the construction and manufacturing industries, offering a range of advantages for the construction of rice cone bottom silo.

Corrosion Resistance

One of the most significant benefits of galvanized materials is their outstanding corrosion resistance. By coating steel surfaces with a layer of zinc, corrosion can effectively be prevented. This protective layer can resist the corrosion of moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive chemicals, thereby extending the material’s lifespan.

Enhanced Durability

The galvanized coating not only provides immediate protection to the steel but also maintains its performance when exposed to harsh environments over the long term. This means that structures constructed using galvanized materials, such as silos or other structures, can remain stable under varying climatic conditions, reducing maintenance and repair needs.

rice cone bottom silo                                     rice cone bottom silo

Economic Benefits

While the initial cost of galvanized materials may be slightly higher than non-galvanized alternatives, their long-term corrosion resistance and durability result in lower maintenance costs and longer lifespan of rice cone bottom silo. From a holistic cost perspective, galvanized materials offer better economic benefits.

Improved Safety

Using galvanized materials in silos and other storage facilities can enhance structural safety. The galvanized coating prevents structural weakening due to corrosion, ensuring stability and safety when storing heavy loads in the silo.

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