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Soybean meal storage: intelligent facilities of cone-bottom silos

Cone-bottom silos provide cost-effective, automated soybean meal storage with intelligent temperature and ventilation systems, enhancing efficiency and quality. As technology advances, these silos are set to dominate soybean meal storage solutions.

In the current era of intelligence, the grain storage industry is continuously evolving, with soybean meal storage garnering particular attention. Cone-bottom silos are increasingly being adopted for storage in many regions, offering a range of advantages and intelligent facilities. Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

Advantages of Cone-bottom Silos for Soybean Meal Storage

As an efficient storage solution, cone-bottom silos offer several advantages for storing soybean meal.


Cone-bottom silos have relatively low construction costs and shorter construction periods, saving on investment and improving engineering efficiency.

soybean meal storage                                        soybean meal storage

Moderate Capacity

Designed with a moderate capacity, cone-bottom silos are suitable for medium-scale storage needs. They meet the demand for large storage while optimizing space utilization.

Space Utilization

Cone-bottom silos optimize space utilization, facilitating advanced first-in-first-out management. This management method not only maintains the freshness and nutritional value of soybean meal but also ensures stable storage quality.

Automation and Convenience

Cone-bottom silos lead in automation and operational convenience. With increased automation, the dependency on manual labor is reduced, enhancing unloading efficiency. Additionally, the automation system lowers the risk of soybean meal bridging, ensuring smooth storage operations.

Intelligent Supporting Facilities for Enhanced Performance

The efficient operation of cone-bottom silos for storage relies on a range of intelligent supporting facilities.

Temperature Monitoring System

Equipped with advanced temperature monitoring devices, these systems automatically record and remotely monitor temperatures inside the silos, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

Ventilation System

Automated control of the ventilation system maintains suitable temperature ranges within the silos, safeguarding the quality of soybean meal.

soybean meal storage                                           soybean meal storage

Fumigation Equipment

The application of circulating fumigation equipment effectively controls pests, improves fumigation efficiency, reduces pesticide usage, and labor costs, further enhancing storage quality.

By integrating these intelligent supporting facilities, cone-bottom silos for storage achieve automation and intelligence, significantly enhancing storage efficiency and quality assurance.

The advent of the smart era presents new opportunities for storage. Cone-bottom silos, with their leading advantages and intelligent supporting facilities, are becoming the mainstream choice for storage. With continuous technological advancements and expanding application scenarios, soybean meal storage is poised for a brighter future.

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