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How to choose the right wheat cone bottom silo

Wheat cone bottom silos offer a multi-purpose storage solution for various grains and oil crops, ensuring product quality and freshness. They feature robust structures, inclined roofs, reinforced bodies, and intelligent systems for efficient operation. Coban’s cone bottom silos stand out for their modular design, ease of relocation, and adaptability to different storage needs.

Wheat cone bottom silo, as an efficient grain storage solution, are not only for wheat preservation but also cover various grain-related industries and other material storages.

Applications of Wheat cone bottom silo

cone bottom silo play a crucial role in the grain industry. They provide a dry, ventilated, and well-protected environment for cereals like wheat, ensuring freshness and quality. These silos are also suitable for long-term storage of other grains such as corn and soybeans.

Canola seeds, vital oil crops, require specific storage conditions. Wheat cone bottom silo maintain oil content and quality. Other oil crop by-products, like soybean meal, can be safely stored as well.

wheat cone bottom silo                                       wheat cone bottom silo

Structural Features of cone bottom silo

Wheat cone bottom silo focus on a safe, reliable, and comprehensive storage solution. Here are key features:

Inclined Roof Design

Silos feature a 30-degree inclined roof for added strength and rigidity. Advanced sealing techniques ensure seamless connections, preventing rainwater and moisture buildup, protecting stored wheat from dampness.

Reinforced Cylindrical Body

The cylindrical body consists of high-quality galvanized steel and reinforcements. This design ensures stability and durability under heavy pressure. The high-elasticity galvanized steel material adapts to various environmental conditions, reducing deformation due to temperature changes.

Durable Conical Bottom

The cone bottom, made of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, is designed at 45 or 60-degree angles. This design offers robust support and ensures long-term use, with an expected lifespan over 28 years. The conical bottom is ideal for discharging fine materials, ensuring smooth and efficient unloading processes.

Intelligent System Integration

Wheat cone bottom silo integrate intelligent systems for automated and efficient storage. This includes cleaning screens for pre-storage grain cleaning and ventilation systems that regulate internal temperature and humidity, maintaining wheat quality. Temperature monitoring systems ensure a stable storage environment.

wheat cone bottom silo                                       wheat cone bottom silo

Why Choose Coban’s Cone Bottom Silo

Coban’s cone bottom silo are the top choice for many grain storage enterprises due to their unique design and manufacturing advantages:

Modular Standard Components

Coban’s silo components are standardized for production. All parts are pre-fabricated in the factory for quick on-site assembly. This modular design improves production efficiency and ensures installation precision and consistency.

Convenient Relocation and Modification

The entire silo, connected with bolts, offers high flexibility. For users needing frequent relocation or site modifications, Coban’s silos can be easily disassembled and reassembled, significantly reducing relocation costs and complexity.

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