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1 Set 200 Ton Corn Silo & Batch Grain Dryer

Project country:China
Store materials:corn silo
Silo capacity:200 ton
Installation: guide the installation on site

Project Background

In an agricultural development project in Shaanxi Province, China, an agricultural cooperative decided to purchase a 200-ton corn silo and a batch of grain dryers to enhance their grain storage and processing capabilities. This initiative aimed to optimize the cooperative’s grain management processes and improve economic benefits.

200 Ton Corn Silo

Project Requirements

The main requirement faced by the cooperative was to store a large quantity of harvested corn and to quickly dry other grains for market sales or further processing. Therefore, they needed a reliable and efficient storage and drying solution.

Equipment Procurement and Installation

After market research, the cooperative selected a well-known agricultural equipment supplier and signed a contract for the procurement and installation of a 200-ton corn silo and batch grain dryers. The supplier was responsible for providing comprehensive services from equipment manufacturing to on-site installation.

Installation Process

The installation team conducted a detailed site survey at the cooperative’s location and developed a meticulous installation plan. During the installation process, the team ensured the stability of the 200-ton corn silo and the efficient operation of the grain dryers. Additionally, they provided training for the cooperative’s operators.

Successful Operation

Upon completion of the installation, the 200-ton corn silos and grain dryers were immediately put into operation. They enhanced the cooperative’s grain storage capacity and accelerated grain drying speed, significantly boosting the cooperative’s market competitiveness.


The agricultural cooperative in Shaanxi successfully upgraded its grain processing and storage modernization level by introducing a 200-ton corn silo and batch grain dryers. These additions significantly enhanced their capabilities. This case demonstrates the important role of modern agricultural equipment in improving agricultural production efficiency.

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