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China 100 ton Pig Feed Silo

Project country:China
Store materials:Pig Feed Silo
Silo capacity:100 ton
Installation: guide the installation on site

Project Background

In a large-scale pig farm in China, the demand for an efficient feed storage system has become increasingly urgent as the scale of breeding expands. The pig farm decided to purchase a 100-ton pig feed silo to meet the growing demand for feed storage.

Installation Challenge

Given the pig farm’s high requirements for the efficiency and safety of feed storage, the installation of the 100-ton pig feed silo became a challenge. It was necessary to ensure the structural stability of the silo and its seamless integration with the existing feed conveying system.

China 100 ton Pig Feed Silo

On-Site Installation Guidance

To ensure a smooth installation process, the manufacturer dispatched a team of professional technicians to provide on-site guidance. The technical team provided thorough training for farm staff, ensuring their understanding of silo operation and maintenance.

Installation Process

Throughout the installation process, the technical team supervised each step, including foundation construction, silo body hoisting, and installation and commissioning of the automated control system. Their meticulous oversight ensured a seamless and efficient installation. They made sure that all work complied with safety standards and that the silo’s sealing performance met the criteria.

Successful Installation

After several days of intensive work, the 100-ton pig feed silos was successfully installed and put into operation. The pig farm expressed satisfaction with the installation quality and the professional guidance of the technical team. The new silo significantly improved the storage capacity and level of automation for the feed.


This case of installing a 100-ton pig feed silo demonstrates the importance of professional on-site guidance. The efficiency and safety of the large silo installation were ensured through technical support from the manufacturer and cooperation from the pig farm staff. This solid material foundation paves the way for the continued development of the pig farm.

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