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Flat bottomed grain silo


A flat-bottomed grain silo is a common grain storage facility characterized by its flat bottom structure, suitable for storing large quantities of grains

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Flat bottomed grain silo Introduction

A flat-bottomed grain silo is a common grain storage facility characterized by its flat bottom structure, suitable for storing large quantities of grains, pulses, seeds, and similar bulk food materials. This type of silo is typically composed of a cylindrical metal or concrete structure with a flat bottom design to provide a stable support foundation and facilitate the unloading of materials. Flat-bottomed grain silos are usually equipped with inlet and outlet ports, as well as sealing and ventilation systems, to maintain the quality and freshness of the stored grains. They are widely used in agricultural and industrial sectors, offering efficient grain storage solutions to meet various storage needs.

Flat bottomed grain silo

Characteristics of flat bottom grain silo

Stable Structure

It has a sturdy metal or concrete construction, providing a stable support foundation suitable for long-term storage of large quantities of grain.

Flat Bottom Design

Designed with a flat bottom for easy material storage and convenient unloading operations.

High Storage Capacity

Capable of accommodating a large quantity of grains, pulses, seeds, and similar food materials, offering efficient storage solutions.

Wide Applicability

Suitable for storing various types of grains and similar materials, including wheat, corn, rice, and more.

Good Sealing

Equipped with effective sealing systems to prevent moisture and pests from entering, maintaining the quality and freshness of the grains.

Ventilation System

Typically equipped with a ventilation system to control temperature and humidity within the silo, preventing grain from becoming damp and moldy.

High Durability

The structure is robust and durable, capable of long-term use in different environmental conditions.

Flexible Design

Can be customized according to specific storage needs, including different capacities, sizes, and configurations.

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Structure of flat bottom grain silo

Silo Wall Panels

Typically made of metal or concrete, forming the cylindrical structure of the silo, surrounding and protecting the stored grains or other materials.

Flat Bottom Base

Positioned at the bottom of the silo, providing a stable support foundation and used to support and store the stored materials.

Roof Structure

Covering the top of the silo, usually designed in a cone or dome shape, used to protect the stored materials from weather and external environmental impacts.

Inlet and Outlet Ports

Openings used for loading and unloading materials, typically located at the top or sides of the silo for easy loading and unloading operations.

Ventilation System

Used to maintain ventilation and airflow within the silo, helping to control temperature and humidity, and prevent material dampness and mold.

Sealing System

Positioned between the silo wall panels, inlet, and outlet ports, ensuring the airtightness of the silo interior, and preventing moisture and pests from entering.

Supporting Structure

Used to support and secure the silo wall panels and roof structure, ensuring the stability and safety of the entire silo.

Safety Facilities

Including fire prevention facilities, safety protection devices, etc., to ensure safety during the use of the silo.

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Advantages of flat bottom grain silo

Large Storage Capacity

It can store a significant quantity of grains, pulses, seeds, and similar bulk materials, providing ample storage space for agricultural and industrial needs.

Space Efficiency

Utilizes vertical space efficiently, minimizing the ground area required for storage, thus optimizing land usage.

Sturdy Construction

Built with robust materials such as steel or concrete, ensuring durability and long-term reliability even in harsh environmental conditions.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The flat bottom design facilitates convenient loading and unloading operations, enhancing efficiency in grain handling processes.

Customization Options

Available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for customization to meet specific storage requirements and site constraints.

Effective Preservation

Equipped with sealing systems and ventilation mechanisms to maintain optimal storage conditions, preserving the quality and freshness of the stored grains.


Provides a cost-effective solution for grain storage, with lower construction and maintenance costs compared to other storage alternatives.


Suitable for storing a wide range of grains and bulk materials, offering flexibility in storage options for different types of agricultural produce.

Application scope of Flat Bottom Grain Silo

Coban  Silo is widely used for grain storage such as wheat, corn, soybean, paddy, rice, soybean meal, barley, malt, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, peanuts, flour, and other powder materials, oat, special Silo, and seeds, etc.

Flat Bottom Grain Silo technical parameters

Scientifically speaking, the Silo capacity should be measured with volume (m3). Even in the same grain Silo, the storage tons will be different for different grains with different densities. The following table is calculated based on a  Silo density of 0.75kg/m3, and surely HKB customizes  Silo systems unique for you.

Most Popular Hopper Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 50Ton 100Ton 150Ton 200Ton 300Ton 500Ton 1000Ton 1500Ton
Model TCZK
















Diameter(m) 3.667 4.584 5.500 6.417 7.334 7.334 11.000 12.834
Total Height(m) 9.56 12.53 13.25 12.85 14.70 21.42 20.95 23.51


69 150 222 273 415 699 1346 2039
Most Popular Flat Bottom Steel Silo Technical Specifications
Capacity 1000Ton 1500Ton 2000Ton 2500Ton 3000Ton 5000Ton 8000Ton 10000Ton
Model TCK
















Diameter(m) 10.084 11.918 13.750 15.584 15.584 18.334 24.751 25.668
Total Height(m) 18.69 20.34 20.87 20.30 24.78 28.60 26.99 30.60

Density: 0.75ton/m³

1335 2009 2701 2467 4145 6693 10879 13484

After-sale Service

  • – HKB provides advanced grain safety storage technology to assure your grain silo 100% quality stability.
  • grain silo Quality guarantee is one year after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving China Port. Maturity is the first.
  • – 7 days x 24 hours service, within 24 hours reply/solve of any technical issues upon request.
  • – Routinely telephone track to remove all might be problems grain silo or issues guarantying the whole system grain silo long-lasting safety and reliability.
  • – HKB will consider all other needs like customs clearance, sea delivery, insurance, customs tax benefit plan, documentation, etc. So our respected Users feel so relaxed and easy to get the grain silo system well.
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